Spelljammer: Exodus From Genesis

Expedition to the North

Cermie 12 through Urime 30, 2318

  • After defeating Lord Raam, the team heads back to the capital with Sir Aloro and Joba.
  • Kindle lingers near Owlrift, making friends with the new tiefling leadership. Melech gives her the task of collecting grievances from the surface folk. She spends time with Bathin who takes her on an owl ride. She also examines the ore from the crashed starship. With the help of Adamant she learns that some contains adamantine. While Adamant works on refining the ore, Kindle guides a delegation led by Bathin to the capital to establish relations between the two nations.
  • Zyx talks to Mazzerette, seeking his help researching the fallen stars and the Unborn. Mazz agrees but focuses on the origin of Zyx’s book. The elven scholar determines the book originated in Arimini, part of war spoils and was locked in the forbidden section due to the danger of the entities described within. He also learns that the Academy is pursuing two lines of research on the stars: locating another crash site in the Orcish Wastes and building their own craft to reach the heavens.
  • Zyx meanwhile determines he can learn more from the goblins, whose myths claim they descended from the heavens. He sets up trust to distribute some of his new wealth to his family in case of his death.
  • Inamyz spends time working in the barracks and hears a variety of rumors. Later he runs into Kindle when she learns the secrets of refining and forging adamantine from an elven smith named Selphie. She sends a copy of her notes back to Owlrift. She also sends a letter to the Fizzblades via a local gnomish merchant family.
  • Mazzerette meanwhile decides to get a look at the Ariminite star vessel project. He talks to Professor Wransys, head of the divination department. The professor stalls, causing Mazzerette to realize that he isn’t a mighty wizard, just well informed. During a run in with his mother, Xanaphia, he hints at that truth. she agrees to talk to him.
  • The team is summoned before the Council of Twelve and given a nervous presentation by a junior researcher from the Academy, Amira Strongbow. They are briefed on basics on the proposed star vesselas well as an expedition into the Orcish Wastes, the site of another fallen star, one much older than the others. Lord Othronus assigns Aloro and Joba as test subjects for the star vessel while the team volunteers to venture north.
  • After requisiting a translator and scout named Ruven, the expedition headed north along the roads to Fornost on horseback and then up the trails into the mountains. Two weeks later they reached Silver Keep in the Orcpass mountains. Leaving their horses there, the expedition proceeded on foot through secret passages to the foothills, guided by Kindle. A week later they located a fur trading post and acquired a horse and cart.
  • A week into their search, they encountered a goblin raid. Informed by Mazzerette’s familiar, they swiftly broke the bandits up. Kindle smote down one after being struck by a javelin, then magically paralyzed the leader. As others blasted and shot the others, Inamyz melted a hole through the goblin boss with a chromatic orb to the chest. Mazzerette created an illusion of a scary demon. As the goblins scattered, the team managed to capture one goblin to interrogate. They also found a gold medallion on the leader’s remains depicting an egg above a mountain. Through their translator, they learn the boss was descended from a shaman and thus the sky ancestors. Unfortunately only the boss knew the medallion’s significance. They force the goblin to lead them to another shaman.
  • Several days later, in a cold barren land of stony hills, the expedition spots smoke. Ruven and Zyx scout ahead. On a rocky hill they spy a gnomish outpost behind a wooden palisade. Strange tubes connect the buildings to a large building with several chimneys. They also see signs of a recent attack on the wall by something large. Ruven stays behind with the prisoner eager to move on while the others venture toward the holding.


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